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What causes teeth discolouration?

Teeth can discolour due to extrinsic staining factors such as food and drink pigmentation from dark-coloured food and drinks such as turmeric, coffee, tea, and red wine. The use of tobacco products and poor hygiene also causes discolouration of teeth.

The colour of our teeth also changes with age as the amount of dentine within our teeth increase and our enamel thins.

How can teeth be whitened?

The first step in whitening teeth is usually to have your teeth cleaned professionally if you have not had a clean recently or if there has been a build-up of hard deposits on your teeth.

Bleaching teeth with a whitening gel can help lighten the shade of your teeth. There are a number of different bleaching options.

Take Home Whitening

This option involves having moulds of your teeth taken so that custom fit bleaching trays can be created for your teeth. Together with your bleaching trays, you will receive a set of syringes of bleaching gel. You can carry out the whitening process at your own time at home. We monitor the process closely and have you return for reviews at no additional cost. Take home whitening is a great solution for anyone with sensitive teeth.

Non-Vital Bleaching or Walking Bleach

Some teeth that have had root canal treatment may show a greyish discolouration. These teeth are normally discoloured from within and require a slightly different bleaching technique. We remove part of the existing filling from the back of the tooth and place a whitening gel within the tooth. This is then sealed with a temporary filling and left in place for a few days. Depending on the extent of the discolouration, the process may have to be repeated several times. This process may have to be combined with one of the other whitening methods if there is significant external discolouration.

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