Make Your Smile Shine. Our Tooth Whitening for Life Program makes it Permanent from Day One…

Do you ever look in the mirror and notice that your teeth have darkened? 

The cause can be prolonged exposure to some of the delicious food and drinks you’ve grown fond of. 

It may be a glass of wine, a cup of tea, or your penchant for pasta with deep dark sauces. 

Or simply from not brushing your teeth regularly!

In cases like this, you’ll find that a tooth whitening program will brighten your smile. 

Better yet, The Tooth Doctor is pleased to offer you a unique Tooth Whitening Service that will give you Whiter Teeth for Life

And the deal is pretty simple. Come to your scheduled hygiene recalls (typically every six months) and receive top-up whitening tubes every visit.  Each Top-up is sufficient to keep your teeth wonderfully white. 

This means that you can do it in the comfort of your home, without disrupting your lifestyle. 

At The Tooth Doctor, we’ll provide you with whitening top-ups for life, so you can have beautifully whitened teeth forever. 

Whilst you can have whiter teeth for life, this special offer certainly won’t be available for long. So book your appointment online now.

Join Our Teeth Whitening For Life Program For Just $449!

  • Get Healthy-looking white teeth
    Higher grade whitening materials than non-dental professionals
  • Boost your self-confidence
  • Just a one-time payment for life!*

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What Prevents a White Smile?

Getting healthy and great-looking teeth is something that many people put on their wish lists. There are numerous reasons why your teeth may darken. Some of these are just out of our control. Multiple factors, such as age or accidents at a young age, can affect our tooth’s development. Thus, it is essential to understand and discuss your plans in choosing a professional teeth whitening clinic to work on your teeth.

Talk to our friendly Dentist at The Tooth Doctor about the whitening procedure. Remember that whitening your teeth is the fastest and most effective way to project healthy, solid, and beautiful pearly whites, which you can associate with good hygiene.

Let our dentists apply the latest whitening technology to your teeth with our in-clinic and take-home teeth whitening to get pearly white teeth in no time

How Does Our Whitening Solution Work?

Teeth whitening treatment utilises an active ingredient called hydrogen peroxide. This can be delivered in the form of hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. The gels in the form of carbamide peroxide break down into hydrogen peroxide when they come into contact with water.

When hydrogen peroxide is applied to the teeth, it works by attacking the stain-inducing chemical compounds (called chromogens) in a process known as oxidation.

It effectively breaks down the bonds within these organic molecules, allowing them to reflect more light. This achieves whiter teeth, and gives teeth a brighter and healthier appearance.

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Our Professional Whitening Process…

We have two whitening solutions depending on the severity of your stained teeth. Here is a list of our in-clinic and at-home teeth whitening products.

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Non-Vital Bleaching Or Walking Bleach 

Some teeth require a specialised whitening procedure sometimes called the walking bleach technique. This is often because root canal treatment has resulted in a greyish discolouration of the tooth. Here, we remove part of the existing filling from the back of the tooth. The root canal filling material is protected by applying a seal to it, then professional strength whitening material is placed within the tooth.  This is sealed with a temporary filling and left in place for a few days. The process may require you to visit your Dentist several times to have the gel renewed until satisfactory whitening results are achieved. This process may be combined with a take home tray particularly if there is significant external discolouration or if you also wish to whiten your other teeth.

The Heart Of The Treatment Is Our Take Home Whitening Kit Which Allows You To Maintain Your Beautifully Whitened Teeth For Months To Come…

Our Take Home Whitening Treatments are our most popular option. The technique is an evidence based one that achieves consistent results.  Our Whitening For Life programme makes this option even more irresistible as you get free top ups for life. It’s available when you maintain your scheduled hygiene recalls (usually after six months). We give you a tube that you can apply to your teeth to touch up and maintain the white smile you have achieved with the initial whitening treatment.

This take-home teeth whitening product involves having digital scans taken of your teeth so that 3D models can be produced to create custom fit the bleaching trays for your teeth. With your bleaching trays, you will receive a set of bleaching gel syringes that you apply to your teeth to achieve that white smile. Remember to brush your teeth before applying the take-home kit.

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Why Choose The Tooth Doctor?

Your smile is our priority. We make sure to provide quality service that will mirror our philosophy, which is to create healthy and beautiful smiles so you can radiate with confidence.

We believe in achieving superior results by preserving your tooth as much as possible. We care deeply about educating you on everything about your smile, so we take one-on-ones seriously. The process can be time-consuming, but this comprehensive dental consultation will help you achieve your best smile.

Our Lead Dentist, Dr Adrian Fernandez, who has many years of experience, will discuss the options available and how to keep your smile dazzling after every treatment. He and his friendly staff will assist you all the way. You will be amazed at how you can change your overall look with just a course of treatment at our Auckland clinic.

Dr Adrian Fernandez is committed to providing the utmost care and compassion in his work. At The Tooth Doctor, we do not believe in cutting corners.

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For The Best Dental Whitening Services In Auckland Try The Tooth Doctor

For smile shades whiter, relax on your next visit to your Dentist because now you know that our teeth whitening system, available both in-clinic and whitening at home, doesn’t break the bank; instead, work on enhancing the features you have now.

We believe we provide quality dental care and teeth whitening treatments in our neighbourhood here in Auckland. Trust us, The Tooth Doctor, to get the results you always wanted. We assure you. We won’t disappoint…

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Whitening for Life Programme Terms & Conditions


1. Membership of the Whitening For Life programme is only available to customers getting a new take home professional whitening kit.

2. You must be 18 years of age or over to be eligible.

3. An Opt-in fee of $50 applies if you choose to opt into the Whitening For Life programme. You may also purchase the take home professional whitening kit separately for $349 (if you choose not to opt into the Whitening for Life programme). Total cost $399 + $50 = $449

4. Additional whitening gel packs can be purchased when required at an additional cost.

Good Dental Health

5. Prior to purchasing a take home professional whitening kit a full examination with dental x-rays is required (within the last 12 months) to ensure your teeth and gums are healthy and that the whitening procedure is safe for you. This can be carried out at Tooth Doctor Northcare or at any other New Zealand registered dentist. Where the examination has not been carried out at Tooth Doctor Northcare, a copy of your treatment notes and xrays are required. It is your responsibility to obtain this from your dental practice. This can usually be obtained electronically by contacting the dental practice you have been to.

6. Any dental work required to restore your dental health must be completed before commencement of any teeth whitening procedures.

Maintenance of Hygiene Re-Care Appointments

7. Hygiene re-care appointments must be booked at Tooth Doctor Northcare with a dentist or hygienist.

8. Hygiene re-care appointments must be booked within 5-7 months of your last hygiene appointment to maintain your membership of the programme.

9. During your hygiene re-care visits you will receive one syringe of either 10% or 16% carbamide peroxide gel. If stock is unavailable at the time of your visit the practice may provide you with the whitening gel at a later date (within a reasonable time). You will be eligible to receive a maximum of two syringes per year when hygiene re-care appointments are attended.

10. If re-care visits are missed or not booked within the required timeframe your membership of the Whitening for Life Programme will lapse.

11. Tooth Doctor Northcare may grant an extension where exceptional circumstances apply.


12. It is your responsibility to maintain your routine examinations and to ensure any minimum required work is completed to maintain your dental health

13. Lost or damaged whitening trays can be replaced at an additional cost.

14. Tooth Doctor Northcare reserves the right to refuse on-going whitening treatment if deemed necessary based on your health conditions oral or general health, misuse, abuse, or any other factor deemed reasonable.

15. This programmed may not be combined with any other deals or offers.

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