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Dental emergencies can happen when you least expect them.

Whether you have swelling or pain in your mouth or an accident resulting in a broken tooth.

That’s when you need an emergency dentist like The Tooth Doctor.

Our dental clinic is open to get you the appropriate emergency treatment required for your dental injury.

We’ve got you covered whether it’s oral surgery, a filling or a crown.

Sit back, relax and know that you are in good hands.

Book an appointment online or call us at (09) 414-7174, and we will attend to you as soon as possible.

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Urgent Emergency Dental Care Is Available

Whether you have swelling/toothache or teeth have been moved out of position or knocked out, these should be attended to as soon as possible. Swellings or abscesses require urgent management to reduce the risk of them spreading. Teeth that have been displaced should be repositioned as soon as possible to reduce the chances of any long-term damage.

At The Tooth Doctor NorthCare, we make every effort to ensure you are seen on the same day when possible

Being located at the Northcare Accident and Medical Centre means that we work closely with other medical providers in the building to ensure you get the best overall care possible.

Don’t bust your bones stressing over your dental emergency. We’ve got you covered. Contact your dentist now.

Fast Acting Emergency Dental Treatment For Oral Injuries and Accidents

At the Tooth Doctor, we try our best to quickly and efficiently save you from losing a tooth or teeth, for that matter.

Aside from the pain, untreated dental infections can soon escalate to more symptoms of dental or other severe health issues.

A broken, chipped, or infected tooth can be very painful, and we recommend seeking care as soon as possible, to reduce the possibility of other side effects.

Emergency Dental Treatment

Dental Emergencies you have to consider

Loose, missing, chipped, or broken teeth? No problem!

Numb Lip Or Soft Tissues

Numb Lip or soft tissues

A numb lip or loss of feeling around your teeth or surrounding tissues can be caused by a number of things, including a dental infection. An abscess from an infected tooth may put pressure on the surrounding tissues and nerves, resulting in loss of sensation in these soft tissues. Any unexplained altered sensation should be examined as soon as possible. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, contact us to organise an urgent appointment.

Missing Crowns or Bridge and Fillings

Missing fillings or dislodged crowns and bridges are among the most common dental problems requiring critical care. If your crown or bridge becomes dislodged, carefully remove it to prevent ingesting or inhaling it and store the crown or bridge in a clean container and bring it to your appointment with us. Teeth that have lost fillings should be kept clean by

brushing and flossing around them to prevent food and plaque accumulation in the cavity until you seek immediate treatment with us

Missing Crowns Or Bridge
Broken Dental Appliances

Broken Dental Appliances

For those wearing braces or other dental work, you must seek treatment immediately if these break or become dislodged. Damaged dental appliances can dig into the soft tissues of your mouth and cause pain and discomfort. We can often stabilise these to reduce discomfort until you can see your orthodontist again for definitive treatment.

Severe Toothaches

If you are experiencing severe toothaches, you should call your local dentist to assess and diagnose the problem. There should be no reason for you to suffer from severe pain and toothache. Toothache is your body’s way of indicating a problem and can often be a symptom of underlying decay or infection.

Even if you are experiencing only minor pain, there is a risk that things may progress, and it can become more severe. So it is still a good idea to assess this while the symptoms are minor.

Book a dental appointment You can do this online by calling us on (09) 414-7174

Severe Toothaches
Swelling of Gums, Cheek, Teeth, Face, and Jaw

Swelling of Gums, Cheek, Teeth, Face, and Jaw

Some infections can cause swellings in the soft tissues around your face or jaw. This is usually a result of an abscess or fluid accumulation in response to the infection.

Swellings have the potential to spread and should be dealt with as soon as possible. If your swelling is associated with any difficulty swallowing or breathing, you should see your dentist and seek urgent medical care immediately.

Swellings that are associated with high fevers and cause you to feel very unwell should also be assessed without delay.

If you need emergency dental treatment even during the holiday season, our team of emergency dentists is here to identify the type of dental emergency you are in. Contact us, your dentist, and seek consultation immediately. Don’t increase the risk of permanent damage to your overall oral health and, likewise, body health

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