Consultations and Examinations

Oral cancer screening, digital radiography, dental examination, clinical photography and clinical discussion

Consultations and Examinations

A Consultation or Dental Examination is the first step in our involvement in your dental journey. We aim to be thorough in our examination so that we can formulate an accurate picture of your dental health.

Video: What’s Involved In A Comprehensive Dental Exam

Here is what you can expect during a full dental Examination:

cancer screening

Oral cancer screening:

Oral cancer accounts for approximately 2% of all cancers diagnosed in New Zealand. Early detection and treatment provide the best chance of a favourable long-term prognosis.
We carry out a thorough examination of the soft tissues of your tongue, palate, the floor of mouth, lips, cheek, tonsils, and throat for any abnormalities.

dental check up

Dental Examination:

We then examine each tooth and tooth surface individually with the aid of magnification. A baseline of all existing fillings and their conditions are noted down. A periodontal (gum) health examination is then carried out.

Clinical Photography:

Clinical dental photography is fast becoming the gold standard in dental care. It allows for more conservative management of dental conditions by creating an accurate high-resolution picture that can be used to track changes over time and avoiding the need for unnecessary dental work. It also allows you to visualise areas of your teeth in a way that you wouldn’t otherwise have been able to.

dental exam and x-rays

Digital Radiography:

We use digital x-rays to obtain the best quality images of your teeth. This enables us to pick up areas of decay at a very early stage. Digital xrays also allow us to use a reduced exposure time and lower the dose of required radiation.

dental consultation

Clinical Discussion:

It is very important to us that you have a thorough understanding of your dental health. This enables you to make the best decisions relating to your oral health. With the aid of a 42-inch screen, we go through your digital x-rays and clinical photos with you.

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